Google “Disavow links” Tool – What is it?

Google has rolled out a new tool for webmaster this week named Disavow links:

Disavow= deny any participation

The tool is useful to webmasters when they find any harmful/ spammy links pointing to their websites and they need them removed. Webmasters can upload the list of spammy links via a text file to be considered to be removed form Google’s index.

This is for power users and see Matt Cutts explaining about the tool in detail in the video below.

What Is It?

In theory, it’s a way (inside Google Webmaster Tools) for webmasters with slapped rankings (and/or victims of negative SEO attacks) to manually have ‘toxic’ links to their sites ‘disconnected’ from algorithmic calculations and therefore – also theoretically – have their previously high rankings back again.

Why You Might Use It?

You have slapped rankings and ASSUME or HOPE that this tool will get rankings back to the high positions that your sites were enjoying before Google’s Panzers moved in during 2012.

- You believe that you have ‘nothing to lose’ so why not try it.

- You wish to remove links built to your site/s by Negative SEOs.

- Google SEEMS to be helping SEOs/webmasters with this innovation.
Why You Shouldn’t Use It?

- Will it even work? Let’s wait, wait, wait and see what the fallout is in the next few weeks or months.

- You could potentially ‘red flag’ sites (e.g. blogs) run by ordinary folks where you’ve gotten Scrapebox-type links in the past and benefited from them.

To me, the HUGE question mark over this tool is whether sites named in disavow links uploads will get deindexed or have their rankings hammered because of a slapped webmaster’s desperate attempt to regain rankings.

At this stage we just don’t know and that’s why I believe it’s crucial to wait BEFORE doing anything with this tool.

- It could be a new mechanism for Google to identify private blog networks

- You may inadvertently remove links that are actually helping your site.

- Will you be flagging your past dodgy linkbuilding activity to Google? Time will tell.

Points to note:
Disavow links tool is..
  1. An advanced SEO tool
  2. First version rolled out
  3. Should be used wisely, only for links you consider are completely spammy
  4. Works for Google webmaster tools users

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