Memes for Marketing

We’re having some significant social media success creating and utilizing memes.  If you don’t know what a meme is, have a look at this quote from the post:

“A meme is quite simply a concept, behavior, or idea that spreads, usually via the internet. Memes most commonly manifest themselves in a visual such as a picture or a video, but it can also take the form of a link, hashtag, a simple word or phrase (e.g. an intentional misspelling), or even an entire website.”

Memejacking: The Complete Guide to Creating Memes for Marketing

Why do they work?

1) They’re Already Viral

A concept doesn’t exactly get classified as a meme if it’s not fun, engaging, and wildly popular. That’s why memes are so great for marketing. Rather than creating something from scratch and crossing your fingers that it ‘goes viral,’ you’re leveraging an idea that is already successful.

2) They Make Great Social Media Fodder

You’re aware of all the fuss about visual content lately, right? Visual content is practically made for social media sharing, and because memes are usually visually oriented, they make great fodder for your social media accounts such as Facebook, Google+, and Pinterest.

3) They Attract Traffic, Likes, and Links

Because memes are so share-worthy, they’re fantastic for generating traffic and visibility to your social media accounts. Memes attract +1s, likes, repins, comments, and shares like crazy, making it more likely that your social content will gain traction in social media and spread.

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