Shop Local

With final holiday shopping days upon us, the temptation may be to ‘hit the mall’.  Nothing against the big box stores, but I’d like you to consider shopping local.

Buying locally has several advantages.  It reduces environmental impact, it supports small, independent companies, it encourages local prosperity, and it creates local jobs.  And YOU can find amazing, unique gifts that are sure to please!

Did you know…

Out of every $100 spent at local businesses, $45 stays in the local economy.

Out of every $100 spent at chain stores, everything but $14 leaves the local economy.

Here are several ways you can support your local community:

Gift services at locally-owned businesses;
car tune-up, main services, spa visit

Gift a class together:
art, fitness, hobby, dance

Gift a membership:
local non-profit, guy, charity group

Donate in someone’s name:
local charities, fundraiser, causes

Gift a meal at a locally-owned restaurant

Buy gifts from locally-owned businesses

Buy art from local artisans

Use cash to avoid bank fees

Happy Holidays, everyone!


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