Author Help

So you’ve written a book.  Nothing is more exciting – we know.  Susan Gilbert, our founder and CEO is a published author.

We can help you with:

Website creation or editing, setting up or managing your Facebook Page, Twitter, Linkedin Pinterest and much more including promoting your book with our Amazon Page One Profits Program.


Having Susan Gilbert spearhead my on-line marketing efforts has been an eye opener for me and my company. Not only have I learned the value and importance of a well-thought-out on-line strategy, but my on-line presence has increased in droves. Susan’s ability to gain followers and spread the word has been invaluable in the promotion of my new book and the philosophy behind it. I recommend Susan, and her team, to anyone who is passionate about what they do and wants to increase the visibility of their message. Thank you, Susan, for your expertise, care, and persistence.

~ Garret Kramer, founder of Inner Sports and author of Stillpower: The Inner Source of Athletic Excellence.

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